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Mr. Ator’s experience is value added to the Mentair portfolio of services. He is an experienced commercial pilot, warbird pilot and flight instructor. He joined Mentair as an Safety, Quality and Compliance Auditor and is a registered IS-BAO auditor.  

He has served as Director of Operations for an FAA Part 135 flight operation and an Aviation Department Manager for an FAA Part 91 corporate flight operation. Rob has over 15,000 total flight hours.  

Rob is an experienced Auditor for maintenance and operations, with extensive experience in Safety Management Systems (SMS). 

He holds an FAA Airline Transport Pilot Certificate, is a Certificated Flight Instructor and Senior Parachute Rigger.   

He has flown: Boeing 737, Boeing 777, CE-560XL, CE-525B, CE-525, LR-35, CE-500/550, BE-90, 100,& 200, PA-31T, PA-31, PA-34,PA-J3, P-51, L-P38, LA-4-250, BE-58, Extra 300, BE-36, Pitts Special and H269C. 

Rob is a Veteran and served in the Nebraska Air National Guard as a Crew Chief and Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Specialist.  

Rob holds a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics.

Mentair is pleased to have Rob on board as he has over 20 years’ of diverse aviation flight and maintenance experience to offer our clients. He performs work for Mentair in multiple international locations.


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