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Nathan was named to the International Society of Safety Professionals (ISSP) Board of Directors in December of 2013. The ISSP is an International nonprofit organization dedicated to developing and serving safety professionals from all industries.  

Nathan received his HAI-APS Auditor Training Certificate from the Helicopter Association International in June of 2013. He served on the IS-BAO "Helicopter Edition" Standards Review committee, which provided review-process assistance for the working group that authored the Helicopter Version of IS-BAO. He received certifications from the U.S. Department of Transportation Safety Institute (TSI), and is recognized by the TSI as a Risk Management Trainer and an Aviation Safety Management System Program Manager. Nathan is recognized for his audit and implementation capabilities by the industry's leading Safety Standards organizations. He conducted SMS requirements consultations that include  implementation support for Part 135 Charter Operators utilizing IS-BAO, Air Charter Safety Foundation and Regional Air Cargo Carriers Association Standards.  He is an experienced Lead IS-BAO Auditor, having completed numerous audits for all three phases of the IS-BAO Standard. He mentored many successful  IS-BAO auditors, teaching them effective IS-BAO audit skills. 

Nathan served as Lead Auditor for clients that conduct a wide variety of operations, including  Domestic US operations, FAA Part 91 corporate operations, Part 135 on-demand and scheduled operations and Part 125 large aircraft.  

Foreign operations to include Bermuda, Cayman and Jamaica registered operators. 

Nathan served as the Director of Safety Management Services for SilverStone Group, providing aviation clients with implementation and audit support for Safety Management Systems using IS-BAO, Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) and Helicopter Association International (HAI) Standards for guidance. Previous experience also includes serving as a special materials expert for Jeppesen, an Internationally recognized aviation publishing company for web-based training modules.   

Nathan served as an International Captain and Safety Officer for a major corporate flight department in the Midwest for 13 years. He served as the President of Penn Aire, Inc., an aircraft management company that managed and operated aircraft for Pennfield, Methodist Health Care Systems, Inc. and various other companies in the Omaha area. Before earning his Commercial and Flight Instructor ratings, Nathan worked as a ramp and maintenance supervisor for a Fixed Base Operator at Millard Airport in Omaha, Nebraska. He also worked as a ramp service agent for Delta Airlines.   

Nathan's flight ratings include ATP and CFI-MEI. Type ratings include FA200, FA50, FA900 and LR45 with over 11,000 hours flight time and over 20 years tenure as a Certified Flight Instructor. Auditor accreditations include IS-BAO, ACSF, ISO 9001 Internal and Advanced Internal Auditor.    

Contact: Nathan Predoehl, 402.403.9SMS (9767) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.