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Terry D. Taylor, Ed.D, RSP
Terry is retired from the Federal Aviation Administration Office of Aviation System Standards (AVN) in 2003. At the time of his retirement he was an Internal Evaluation Program Officer and organizational development (OD) consultant in Aviation Systems Standards Office of Safety and Quality Assurance. Terry also supported a number of FAA national change management initiatives. Examples include facilitation of the FAA Satellite Implementation Team (WASS-LAAS), development of a FAA-wide Change Agent CADRE,  establishment and implementation (also served as judge) of the FAA Administrator's Annual Quality Management Award, consulting for FAA Flight Standards on their National Job Task Analysis Project for Aviation Safety Inspectors, as well as their FAA-Airline Industry AQP Evaluation.
Dr. Taylor has also provided course development/instructor services for the USDOT's Transportation Safety Institute, Aviation Division that included the Safety Assurance module of their Safety Management Systems (SMS) and Aviation Safety Program Management (ASPM) courses, course development/instruction of the Internal Evaluation Program (IEP) and Audit and Evaluation courses. Other clients have included OD and consulting services for FAA Flight Inspection Services Maintenance and Engineering, FAA Aeronautical Navigation Products, FAA Aeronautical Center Enterprise Services Board of Directors, Acquisition Services, and Logistics Center organizations.
Terry's skill areas include:

  • Audit and Evaluation
  • Organizational Effectiveness Survey™
  • Organizational Development Interventions
  • Leadership and Team Development
  • Training
  • Mediation

Terry has extensive experience in leadership and team building, has worked with both high performance and dysfunctional teams, and has conducted numerous workshops related to both individual and organizational change. Terry is very experienced in planning, developing and implementing surveys, and has developed surveys for leadership competencies, 360 performance feedback, performance evaluation, customer service, organizational effectiveness crew resource management, and employee feedback.
Dr. Taylor is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor of Aeronautical Science at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and serves as the University's Lead Faculty for two courses in the Masters of Aeronautical Science degree program: ASCI 516, Applications in Crew Resource Management; and ASCI 663, Memory and Cognition. In addition, he is the University's online course developer and an instructor for these two courses. Terry has instructed a number of other courses in Aeronautical Science, including System Safety, Aviation Safety Program Management, Human Factors in Aerospace/Aviation, and Aviation Psychology.
He is a Board Member of the State of Oklahoma-State Accrediting Agency (SAA).  His professional memberships include the International Society of Safety Professionals, the Association for Aviation Psychology, and the Society for Human Resource Management.


  • Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.), Applied Educational Studies (cognate in Aviation), Oklahoma State University
  • Post Graduate studies in Occupational and Adult Education, Oklahoma State University
  • M.Ed. Counseling Psychology, University of Central Oklahoma
  • B.A. Psychology, University of Central Oklahoma

Other relevant information but probably doesn't need to be included:
As an OD specialist and change agent, Terry was involved in the successful planning and implementation of numerous initiatives.  Examples include implementation of FAA's Aviation System Standards Internal Evaluation Program, a Crew Resource Management Program, FAR Part 135 Certification, Hoshin Planning and Balanced Scorecard planning processes, and ISO Certifications.
Dr. Taylor has extensive experience in conflict resolution, and has been both a Labor Relations and Employee Relations Specialist at the FAA Mike Monroney Center (MMAC).  Later, while working for Aviation System Standards, he served as a Federal Mediator for the Oklahoma Federal Executive/Oklahoma State Supreme Court Shared Neutrals Program, providing mediation services for Oklahoma Federal Agencies as well as the OK Supreme Court.  He also provided mediation services for FAA Labor-Management Relations grievance resolution processes. Terry also served as a Grievance Examiner for non-bargaining unit employees at the FAA Aeronautical Center.  He also established a mediated aircrew debriefing process for FAA's Flight Inspection aircrew members.