Quality, Safety, Compliance, Internal...

Quality Manager

Includes training for any (FAA) regulatory program requirements.


The founders of Mentair Group have a long history of providing customized training for company owners, executives, managers, auditors and all others who work with, or are responsible for safety and/or quality management systems. The courseware we offer can be designed to fit any size company and for their specific needs and requirements.


Safety Management Systems

This training is designed for clients that are implementing, or working toward continuous improvement of their safety management system. It provides insight for developing and maintaining workable relationships between policies, procedures, safety risk management, safety reporting, safety assurance and safety promotion. Clients can expect to enhance their understanding and improve the skill sets they need to enhance a successfully functioning safety management system.

Auditor Training


- Quality, Safety, Compliance, Internal, and Vendor Auditor Training. Ideal for auditors who desire to conduct audits in a more effective and skillful manner. Offers a wealth of practical knowledge for entry level auditors or those who want to refresh their skills as a professional auditor.  We can develop custom auditor training courses for part 91, 121, 135 and 145 operators to meet your needs. Valuable for auditors who preform SAS compliance audits. 

Reliability Training - Contact Mentair Group for upcoming courses or to design a custom course for your operation.