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Mentair - Consulting for Safety and Quality Management for the Oil and Gas Industry.

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Mentair Group an internationally recognized auditing training and consulting company announced Friday that Mr. Nathan Predoehl was recently named as the company's Executive Partner. Mentair Group was originally founded to provide International Standard for Business Aviation Organization (IS-BAO) audits and support services, but we soon expanded our offerings to include educational and consultant service offerings for other kinds of industry recognized safety and quality management systems too. Nathan said, "Our past offerings have mainly been for the aviation industry. However, we have been finding new clients in the construction, shipping, and transportation industries since we started broadening our scope for safety and quality auditor training."

Mr. Predoehl's focus will be to help develop and market even more offerings from the Mentair Group. When asked about what Mentair Group might release next Nathan remarked, "We have some very exciting new safety education classes that my associates have past experience teaching." Our newest class is designed to help companies understand how an efficient “Emergency Response Plan” should be designed and exercised on a regular basis.

Nathan was also recently named as a member of the Board of Directors for the International Society of Safety Professionals (ISSP), a US Registered 501, C, 6 Non-Profit Organization. The purpose of the ISSP is to promote and advance the profession of Safety Management, provide safety management education opportunities, and to create a public registry of qualified safety professionals.

About the Mentair Group

Mentair Group is an international aviation safety and quality auditing group. Sharon Grey and Nathan Predoehl

co-founded Mentair Group to utilize their diverse aviation backgrounds and more than 50 years combined

practical experience into a single organization. Their solid base of knowledge benefits all of their clients

regardless of the size of their operation. They conduct audits based on internationally recognized standards for

safety and quality management systems. Their training programs are focused to help safety and quality auditors

perform the audits required by all safety and quality management systems. Their offices are located in Omaha,

NE and Phoenix, AZ.