The Mentair Group is an international aviation consulting, auditing and, training company. Our Primary objective is to provide our clients with a unique service derived from our team’s diverse background in operational quality, safety management systems, regulatory compliance, maintenance operations and flight operations. Our aviation knowledge, experience, and our acquired pool of resources allow us to provide personalized services for our clients, regardless of their size.

Mentair Group’s solid base of practical experience in aviation operations for maintenance, compliance, quality and safety management, truly separate us from our competitors. Our hands-on experience gives us the edge in consulting and instructing sound practices for quality or safety management systems. Our customized services allow us to provide specific solutions for our clients. In all cases we design our service to your needs rather than try to sell you something off the shelf to make it easier for us. Our Team offers specialized services for development of robust quality programs and efficient internal processes for technical operations, maintenance and flight operations organizations.

The founders of Mentair Group have a long history of providing customized training for owners, executives, managers, internal/external auditors and all others who work with, or are responsible for safety and/or quality management systems. The courseware we offer can be designed to fit any size company’s specific needs and requirements.

Mentair Group’s accredited auditors/implementers utilize many International recognized aviation and business standards as a primary means of assisting operators to achieve the necessary Safety Management System (SMS) compliances for their Country of registry.

Mentair Group, large enough to have the knowledge and experience to help, but small enough to care about our clients as individuals.